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European Birdies Chalk Bag

  • 99 SEK

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Artikelnummer: 149000

Our premium chalk ball, filled with 100% pure magnesium, ensures an unmatched grip on your discs, enhancing your control and accuracy on the course. Designed for sustainability and convenience, this eco-friendly solution allows you to easily refill and reuse, reducing waste and saving you money in the long run.

Whether battling humidity, sweat, or simply seeking that extra edge, our chalk ball is your secret weapon to achieving a flawless release, every throw. Embrace the confidence that comes with clean, precise grips – because in disc golf, every detail counts.

  • Refillable chalk ball
  • 56g of 100% pure magnesium

Neo Enigma

219 SEK

VIP Moonshine Sword

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ESP Thrasher

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Lux Vapor Enigma

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