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Archer (5 4 -4 1)

The popular Discraft Stratus has long been considered a "magic" disc for its incredible versatility. The problem is that Stratus can't be produced in durable, premium plastics. So we set out to make a disc that will, and Archer is it! Anhyzers, hyzer flips, rollers... Archer is a slow disc that performs best at slow arm speeds. Get out of trouble and back on target with Archer.

Approved Date: Dec 7, 2016

Max Weight: 178.5gr l Diameter: 21.5cm l Height: 1.8cm l Rim Depth: 1.1cm l Rim Thickness: 1.5cm l Inside Rim Diameter: 18.5cm

Tips: Du kan även filtrera genom att trycka på siffrorna

Z Archer

199 SEK
I lager.