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TEFAT is a small-batch disc golf label with its own production in rural Sweden. Behind TEFAT is a group of veteran throwers who surpassed their 10,000 hours a long time ago. To us, disc golf is more than a game. It's a feeling – a kick of almost cosmic stature that we've been chasing relentlessly since we first picked up a frisbee. With TEFAT, we aimed to manifest that sensation in discs that feel so right in your hand that you never want to part with them. It cost us blood, sweat, and tears, innumerable tests, and errors to get there, but we believe we succeeded. Each TEFAT disc combines exceptional flight abilities, high-quality plastic, and a first-class look unique for each piece. These are discs you don’t want to lose grip of, but once you throw your first TEFAT, your exhilaration shoots through the roof. Our discs are researched, developed, and molded in small batches in rural Sweden. We have crafted our own unique plastic blend to ensure top-notch grip, flight ability, and durability. We oversee each step of the production process to maintain our high standards. Naturally occurring color and pattern variations during the production process make each TEFAT piece truly one of a kind. Only the discs with the most outstanding pattern and color variances are selected.

ET  The premium blend combines exceptional grip, durability, and performance. ET plastic ensures a comfortable feel in all weather conditions, while its resilient composition maintains flight integrity even after rigorous use.

SETI  plastics, developed for Putt & Approach discs are available in two versions:
SETI HARD: offers a firm, stable grip for precise control and consistent releases.
SETI SOFT: delivers a comfortable, rubbery texture with superior traction and secure hold.

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