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Entryfee Doubleputters Aalborg

  • 400 SEK

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Artikelnummer: 146600

Welcome to Duobleputters Aalborg

Date: 9/6

Course: Bundgårdsparken

TD on site: Thomas Tristram


* Only putt and approach discs may be thrown, if a non-permitted disc is used, the couple is punished with 2 throws for everytime it's been used, if you are unsure, ask before.
* 2 classes available, Open (No rating requirements) and Recreational (no one in the pair can have more than 899 in rating on PDGA/Discgolfmetrix). If you don't have a rating on any of them, contact me via [email protected] for an assessment.
* In connection with payment, registration takes place via Discgolfmetrix and before payment is made, the place is not confirmed.
* There will be 2 rounds played at Bundgårdsparken and both rounds will be in the best shot format. First round on red layout and second round at yellow. * * Play off will take place for the prize places and they will take place at hole 11.
* 100% of the registration fee goes back as prizes in the form of gift cards at www.kymen.se.
* CTP prize will be available and raffle will be held.
* Cancellation with full refund takes place 23.59 2 days before. Unreimbursed registration fee remains as prize money.
* Use the shipping method "Dubbelputters Entry Fee"


9.30 at the latest Thomas will be there and can answer any questions, but no meeting.

10.00 Start round 1

1 hour Lunch after the last group has finished playing

Around 14:00 Start round 2

Around 17:30 Award ceremony for performance, CTP and the raffle.


Top 25%


Top 25%