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Grand Orbit Trust Albert Tamm 2023

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Artikelnummer: 39800

Trust – you cannot have a healthy relationship with your disc without it. This midrange workhorse is a stable, straight-shooter when thrown with some power. For slower shots it has that dependable gliding fade. The beadless smooth rim makes the Trust a weapon for both backhand and forehand shots.

Albert Tamm about the Trust:
I chose Trust as my Team Series disc for 2023, because I love throwing midranges and for me it is probably the most enjoyable part too. I like the fact that different colors have a little variations in flight, which let me use the same mold to cover all the flight paths.

Flight spec: SPEED: 5 l GLIDE: 5 l TURN: 0 l FADE: 2

Approved Date: Dec 14, 2020

Max Weight: 180.1gr l Diameter: 21.7cm l Height: 1.9cm l Rim Depth: 1.3cm l Rim Thickness: 1.3cm l Inside Rim Diameter: 19.1cm

C-Line MD3

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Tillfälligt slut

Grand Orbit Trust

Tillfälligt slut

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