500 F9

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Artikelnummer: 84000

The F9 is the most understable fairway driver available from Prodigy Disc. Designed for beginners or players with lower arm speed to be able to get a disc to hyzerflip or have very little low-speed fade, this fairway driver is also a great disc for players learning how to throw a roller. 

The F9 has a smaller rim width which helps players with smaller hands grip the disc better. For children and beginners, the F9 can be a maximum distance driver that produces a full-flex S-curve flight at a low speed. More experienced players can also throw low-effort turnover shots to easily bend the disc around a corner 

Approved Date: Nov 7, 2022

Max Weight: 175.1gr l Diameter: 21.1cm l Height: 1.9cm l Rim Depth: 1.1cm l Rim Thickness: 1.8cm l Inside Rim Diameter: 17.5cm

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