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Neo Soft Spore

  • 219 SEK

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Artikelnummer: 135000

Spore is a fun and floaty option available in the Evolution line. This is a fantastic tool for warming up before a round, enjoying a game of catch with friends, or smooth upshots or short drives out on the course. This disc can be compared to a putter in terms of speed but is deeper and will fly much straighter with less effort.

Spore was first introduced as the reward disc for Mystery Boxes in Winter 2023. Designed with fun in mind, this whimsical disc is well-suited for plenty of situations on and off the course. It’s been said by many that playing catch before a round is one of the best ways to dial in your throw before the round begins. A Soft Neo Spore will give you the ability to throw the shots you need and catch it comfortably upon return. Great for smooth technical upshots, fun before the event, and also with friends out in the park.

Approved Date: Feb 5, 2024

Max Weight: 176.0gr l Diameter: 21.2cm l Height: 2.3cm l Rim Depth: 1.6cm l Rim Thickness: 0.9cm l Inside Rim Diameter: 19.4cm

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