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Bag of Powers

  • 299 SEK

Tillfälligt slut / ej released

Artikelnummer: 156500

Bag of powers is the new way to have fun out on the course. Play as one of four heroes with

unique ways of altering your round. In addition, there are community powers within the bag

of powers which can help you, or sabotage your friends. Or should we say enemies?

Bag of powers will not be a regular round, it will be more fun, more wild and put you in some

difficult spots. However, the game design empathizes with the integrity of the sport.

A fun way to get some variation both for beginners and for the more experienced groups of

disc golfers. Depending on your mood set, the game leaves a lot of opportunities to alter the

rules to have more or less impact on the round.

The game contains 4x3 hero tokens, 16 powers, 4 bags for the players and one bag of

powers. It's easy to learn, easy to bring, and it is all in the bag of powers.

The game is in english and for 2 to 4 players.